Product Description

This specification covers a corrosion-resistant steel in the form of bars, wire, forgings up to 12.0 inches (305 mm) in diameter or least distance between parallel sides in the solution heat treated condition and stock of any size for forging.

It is a martensitic precipitation hardenable chromium-nickel-copper-molybdenum steel possessing high strength and toughness.

Primarily for parts requiring corrosion resistance approximating that of Cr-Ni 18-8 type steels and high strength exceeding that of 12Cr martensitic type steels up to 700 °F (371 °C), but usage is not limited to such applications. This steel can be used in the solution heat treated condition and is capable of being precipitation heat treated to tensile strengths as high as 180 ksi (1241 MPa) with good ductility and strength in the transverse directions in large section sizes.

Certain processing procedures and service conditions may cause these products to become subject to stress-corrosion cracking.

Melting Route


Property Features



Technical Specifications

Material Numbers



S143 S144 s145

Available product shapes

  • Long Products
  • Open Die Forgings
  • Plates
  • Semi-Finished Products / Billet
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